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Sonnet #3


An Ode for my One and Only ~

At first you are often passed by,
A tragedy for them, not for you.
For if they knew what they’d missed they’d cry
Because people like you are too few.

Each day I keep learning new little secrets,
These pieces of magic you wield,
Your words, your art, your impeccable wits,
Past your humour, your endless talents revealed.

You shine as brightly as the Sirius Star,
So brightly I can no longer see
How anyone could ever be on parr
With the wonders that reside within thee.

You’re a discovery I delight in making
And my heart, I believe, is yours for the taking.

~ From Bea


Sonnet #2


A Ballad for my Beloved ~

Never before has the world been so gifted
Than with your heart, so endlessly giving
And the joy in your soul like pure gold sifted
Down to the essence of all that is living.

Not money nor love makes the world turn ’round
But, in the sincerity of your smile,
The reason for living is found
And angels learn their angelic style.

No words can portray your grace or beauty.
No artist’s brush can capture your eyes.
But to you every knight shall swear their fealty
For your charm and kindness, none can despise.

Your good heart has shown no limitations,
And my love for you seems to span constellations.

~ From Bea

Sonnet #1


A Sonnet for my Symphonist ~

Songwriting you truly excel at,
But your talents are not there confined
It is the great strength of your friendship that,
At heart, proves the strength of your mind.

Your words, so artfully crafted to tune
Do mimic the song that my heart sings
And the world becomes brighter than the moon
When your fingers upon strings start dancing.

Your beauty, the cause of Helen’s envy,
Does strike me down with every glance
But when you’re away, and my heart is empty
My love, by you, I am kept in a trance.

I love you so deeply I could never leave,
Not ever, not you, my beloved Eve.

~ From Bea


Four flatmates, all alike in dignity,

In fair Library, where we lay our scene,

From revision there breaks new mutiny,

Where upcoming exams make minds unclean.

From forth the fatal loins of such bored woes

A blog from these four friends now comes to life

Whose new adventure piteous o’erthrows

The dullness of exams and all their strife.

The exciting passage of their new love

Painfully prolonged by exams to come

Just grows in passion when push comes to shove

And holds an exciting, unknown outcome,

The which if you with patient eyes attend,

Shall, with blog posts, your toils strive to mend.

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