Hello and welcome to the best Hamilton experience you will find without tickets, we can only hope. This is the first of a series of posts on our blog where we go through the entire Hamilton soundtrack and fill the gaps in between the songs with more songs that fit. There are some songs that will make you cry and some that will make you despair with the world. Honestly, the mix of this playlist ranges from Walk the Moon to the Beatles to Panic! At the Disco to High School Musical to Drake. We promise, there will be something you like in here. Regardless, we’ve tried really hard to come up with a selection of songs that fit perfectly with the situations and we ended up with a playlist with around 150 songs. So we’ve split it into four quarters: Here’s Act 1 Part 1!

Here’s two ways you can listen:

the #art for the playlists



Alexander Hamilton

Castle- Halsey

And so we begin with a song essentially about wanting to be where the action is, knowing you’ve got what it takes, as our Alex has. Ironically, Halsey talks about an old man on a throne which is very reminiscent of the lovely King George III.

Talk of the Town- Jack Johnson

Alex wanting to be somewhere that things happen. I am realising how well ‘Room Where It Happens’ would fit here and I am now trying not to cry.

Aaron Burr, Sir

Revolution 1- The Beatles

The Hamilsquad getting mad at Burr being completely fake and this song completely sums up this situation perfectly okay.

Grow Up- Paramore

Mr Aaron Burr really needs to realise that the world will not be handed to him no matter how long he waits for it.

Lovely- Twenty One Pilots

Burr doesn’t know what he’s talking about. We all know he doesn’t really care. Also has the potential to make you cry if you ship Alex and Aaron.

Royals- Lorde

We do not want to be royals because they’re the reason we need this stupid revolution anyway. Also the finger clicking is very Hamilton. Fight me.

My Shot

Clique- Kanye West, Jay Z, Big Sean

The Hamilsquad are potentially the best clique of all time and they know it.

We Are the Kids- Walk the Moon

“We are the kids that you never can kill” unless we get shot. We all die. It’s history.

We Are Young- Fun.

I mean, Alex was about 19 so very smol. Also SQUAD.

The Story of Tonight

Far Too Young To Die- Panic! At The Disco

They are all very scared. Alex and Laurens (and the others. Sure.) sticking together through being very scared.

Friends- Ed Sheeran

For the hardcore Lams shippers. Aka me.

The Schuyler Sisters

Posh Girls- Scouting for Girls

The Schuylers were obviously very posh. Every aspect of this song applies to them perfectly please listen to it.

This Is What Makes Us Girls- Lana Del Rey

Sexism!!! Systematic oppression!!! (Side note- I read somewhere that some historian said something to the effect of “Angelica Schuyler would have been president if she were male”. I love her a lot.)

Spend Your $$$- Walk the Moon

Your perfume smells like your daddy’s got money…

Summertime in the City- Scouting for Girls

There’s nothing like summer in the city. I’m sorry for the Scouting for Girls overload but they’re great and their songs fit really well.

Independent Women- Destiny’s Child

Also known as Angelica Schuyler’s #anthem.

Girls- The 1975

Let’s be honest the Schuyler sisters know what they’re doing.

Let’s Talk About Sex- Salt-N-Pepa

Betsy put this on here and wont let me take it off. ((but its so Burr in this song like omg???))

-Freds and Betsy