They tell us that we’re lucky

For their ‘equality’ we should be grateful

Then they ask us why we’re hateful

When we’re catcalled on the street


‘Equal opportunities’ are bullshit

When female heroes are only for sex appeal

And they tell us that we’re getting a great deal

When our paycheques are so much smaller


There’s nothing cute about princesses

Weak and helpless, in need of a knight

If no-one teaches the young girls to fight

Then what the hell do you expect.


You complain about the ‘friend zone’

As if her body should be yours without question

And you have to write history with discretion

To hide that we were important too


Was I wrong to think that a basic human right

Was having control of your body?

But of course she is at fault isn’t she

For wearing a skirt that she liked


And when you say motherhood is a ‘duty’

Don’t expect us to fall to our knees

And do whatever we can to appease

Your repulsive misogynistic ideals


~ From Bea